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> a = matrix(1:9, nrow = 3, ncol = 3, dimnames = list(LETTERS[1:3], LETTERS[1:3]))
> a
  A B C
A 1 4 7
B 2 5 8
C 3 6 9

the table displays correctly. There are two different ways of writing it to file...

write.csv(a, 'a.csv') which gives as expected:


and write.table(a, 'a.txt') which screws up

"A" "B" "C"
"A" 1 4 7
"B" 2 5 8
"C" 3 6 9

indeed, an empty tab is missing.... which is a pain in the butt for downstream things. Is this a bug or a feature? Is there a workaround? (other than write.table(cbind(rownames(a), a), 'a.txt', row.names=FALSE)

Cheers, yannick

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Citing ?write.table, section CSV files:

By default there is no column name for a column of row names. If col.names = NA and row.names = TRUE a blank column name is added, which is the convention used for CSV files to be read by spreadsheets.

So you must do

write.table(a, 'a.txt', col.names=NA)

and you get

"" "A" "B" "C"
"A" 1 4 7
"B" 2 5 8
"C" 3 6 9
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@Marek, would it be possible to add a name to the rownames column? I.e., instead of "", add "ID" or something alike? –  Dnaiel Nov 22 '13 at 19:22
@Dnaiel From what I know you can't. You may bind row names with data and give them names (as like in question). –  Marek Dec 2 '13 at 21:02

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