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Hello I want write my own desktop sharing application in Java.

The application should have some very default features:

  • Capture screen;

  • Allow a remote connected user to click / edit fields.

I was thinking to use Java Robot class for mouse movements / key pressing. The problem is i don't know what screen capture strategy to use.

Should I make sequentially screen captures (on the hosting computer) every second, and send those captures with UDP via network, so that the clients can intercept the data-grams ? Isn't this a little overkill for the network ?

What other strategies are available ? (Except trying an already existing app).

PS: If necessary I can even write native code using JNI (still that's the last thing I planning to do).

Later edit: After some investigation I've come to the conclusion of @Thorbjørn Ravn Andersen . Java is probably not the best choice for this kind of application. I can try to use JNI, but that code will cover 75%+ of my project.

I will try to find other alternatives.

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Don't dó this in java. The operating system integration is not suited for this. – Thorbjørn Ravn Andersen Mar 19 '10 at 15:35
I have portability in mind, but Windows over Linux. Should i try to look into C++ or C# instead ? – Andrei Ciobanu Mar 19 '10 at 15:39
One of the reasons I mention Ultra VNC is that you've got a ton of C++ in the Ultra VNC project to check out as well. – Mat Nadrofsky Mar 19 '10 at 15:42
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Have a good long look at the Ultra VNC project on SourceForge. Great place to start.

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