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I am writing an interface for an arduino project in Processing. The problem I have encountered is that the application works normally for sometime and then produces stray lines in the window.

I have attached a picture as to how it looks. I am updating the values using serialEvent() and not draw(). Also I have used GUI toolkit of the G4P library. Not able to understand what is causing the stray lines.



public void serialEvent(Serial p) {


  //Data is x,y and z coordinates in the format "x*y#z;" string.

  data = p.readStringUntil(';');
  data = data.substring(0, data.length() - 1);
  index_1 = data.indexOf("*");
  index_2 = data.indexOf("#");
  dat_x = data.substring(0, index_1);
  dat_y = data.substring(index_1+1, index_2);
  dat_z = data.substring(index_2+1, data.length());

  print_data = "X: " + dat_x + "  Y: " + dat_y +"\n";

  datf_x = float(dat_x);
  datf_y = float(dat_y);
  datf_z = float(dat_z);


  fill(255, 0, 0);

  ellipse(datf_x + x_offset, -datf_y + y_offset, 3, 3);

  textarea_Monitor.appendText(" X:   "+ datf_x + "    Y:   " + datf_y + "\n");
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You want to add a piece of the code you wrote so far (not everything if it's big, of course, but what is related to your issue), as well as examples of things you already tried to debug it. –  Jérémie Astori Jul 16 at 15:22

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