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I have the following directive in my project:

app.directive('eventSessionsList', function() {
  return {
      restrict: 'AEC',
      scope: {
        input: '=data'
      templateUrl: 'directives/event-sessions-list.html'

The template looks like this:

<ul class="event-sessions-list">
  <li ng-repeat="session in input.eventSessions">
    <span class="date">{{ }}</span>
    <p class="info">
    {{ session.length }} hr session @ {{ session.venue }}</p>

When I try to load the page it crashes with no errors (tested in both Safari and Chrome).

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The mistake was a simple one, but to help you avoid it here's what I did wrong: The name of my CSS class on the UL element is the same as the name of my directive (angular equates hyphenated words and camel case). This means that angular interpreted the CSS class as a call to instance the directive. This created an infinite nesting loop.

To fix this problem I changed the name of the class from "event-sessions-list" to "sessions-list".

I hope this saves you tearing your hair out!

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