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I have a class with the following contents:

__construct(Class1 $class1, Class2 $class2)
   $this->class1 = $class1;
   $this->class2 = $class2;

public function needed()


public function unneeded()


I want to mock only the unneeded() method, so I currently use:

$mock = m::mock('MyClass[unneeded]', [new Class1, new Class2]);

However, when my class changes down the road and I add another class to inject, I have to keep going back to my tests and add the new class in the above line. I would like to make use of Laravel's dependency injection so that it can do it for me, something along these lines:

$mock = App::make('MyClass[unneeded]');

This way, everything will be injected for me automatically. Is this possible to do?

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