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I'm not sure how my dev. environment got into this state, but if I am in Visual Studio and I press the Start button to load and run my Excel Add-In, it does not load. What is especially puzzling is that, unlike in the past when this happens, the add-in does not appear to be disabled (in File > Options > Add-Ins), it's just not registered as an add-in at all.

However, if I find and double-click on the .vsto file in my bin\Debug folder, it installs and runs fine. This is clearly a workaround, though, because subsequent changes to my add-in code are not loaded when I click "Start" again. I need to remove the plugin (including the registry entry) and re-install by double-clicking on the .vsto file.

Any ideas?

Environment: Windows 7, Office 2010, Visual Studio 2012.


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I went to something similar at work (but not exactly the same)

Check the LoadBehavior of the add-in in registry, it should be set to 3, you can play arround with other values.

Also I remember there was a problem with the Manifest reg entry, it must be in some specific uri format, something like file:/// | vstolocal

Check this link

In my case the addin works fine on my machine but after installing it didn't appear at end user machine

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It turns out that it was a combination of problems. First, the manifest entry was wrong (thanks for the link), and second, the project was not building when I clicked "Start". The second issue was resolved with stackoverflow.com/questions/2646858/…. Not sure how this happened; I didn't even know those settings existed. –  Dan Barowy Jul 16 '14 at 20:41

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