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Following is the code that I have copied from a book but its not working properly


echo "is it morning?reply with yes or no"
read timeof

if [ $timeof="yes" ]
echo "Good morning"
echo "Good afternoon"

exit 0

when I am giving the input yes it gives the output as good morning but it gives good morning for no as well. Also after a while it says good afternoon for both yes and no. This is really frustrating please help.


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shouldn't it be -eq instead of = – VoronoiPotato Jul 16 '14 at 16:47
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The equal sign should have a space character on either side. Note it does not allow for timeof being null. extra credit for you to fix :-)

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yes thank you , that solved it. So while assigning a variable one must not use spaces on either side but while checking conditions it is necessary. The null problem can be solved by using double quotes on both sides ? – Ravi Yadav Jul 16 '14 at 17:09
If you want to test explicitly for null, use -z. Read up on the "test" command ("[" is typically a link to "test"). As written, your program will print "Good afternoon" if the user entered "no" or just pressed enter on a blank line. Oh I would suggest you use /bin/bash as /bin/sh is an older shell. At any rate, when looking up info, make sure you are reading the man page for the right shell. – Gary_W Jul 16 '14 at 18:16

Besides adding spaces around = as mentioned by Gary_W, enclose your arguments around double quotes as well when necessary to prevent word splitting and unexpected pathname expansions.

if [ "$timeof" = yes ]
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