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I was reading about the kernel configuration option CONFIG_DEBUG_PREEMPT which when enabled detect the unsafe use of preemption semantics such as preemption count underflows and attempts to sleep while in an invalid context.

As I understood preempt count would be decremented whenever there is call to preempt_disable() is made and wanted to think of a situation where there is unsafe use of these preemption semantics.

I have gone through the particular file in Linux kernel "kernel/sched/core.c"

* schedule_preempt_disabled - called with preemption disabled
* Returns with preemption disabled. Note: preempt_count must be 1
 void __sched schedule_preempt_disabled(void)

Comments says that preempt_count must be 1 while returning from this function,is it meant value of preempt count is 2 before making a call to preempt_disable()?

Also, if value of preempt_count is 1 before calling to preempt_disable,will it produce any warning message as it is preemption count under flow?

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