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I would like to use the system() command in R to send:

system("awk -F "\"* ,\"*" 'NR==1 || $4 == 2925204' input.csv > output.csv")

to terminal on my mac. In terminal, I could just run:

awk -F "\"* ,\"*" 'NR==1 || $4 == 2925204' input.csv > output.csv

Unfortunately, I'm not sure of how to make R read the quotation marks correctly. Could anyone help me out?

Please note that I have had to add an extra space after the first asterisk so that stackoverflow's text editor will print this post correctly.

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you need to escape the backslashes, and the double quotes, i.e. have ... -F \"\\\"* ... – eddi Jul 16 '14 at 18:06
try system("awk -F '\"* ,\"*' 'NR==1 || $4 == 2925204' input.csv > output.csv") – Avinash Raj Jul 16 '14 at 18:06

Enclose the awk's Field Separator value inside single quotes.

system("awk -F '\"* ,\"*' 'NR==1 || $4 == 2925204' input.csv > output.csv")
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If you're already in R, why not do the entire job in R? R has dedicated functions and much better suited for parsing CSV compared to Awk.

Here you go:

df <- read.csv('input.csv')
rest <- df1[-1,]
out <- rbind(head(df, 1), subset(rest, rest[,4] == 2925204))
write.csv(out, 'output.csv', quote=F, row.names=F)
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