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I'm trying to display a graph with Flot. My data array does not have a date set if there is no value for that date. I've followed the accepted answer in this question to 'fill in the gaps', but I now want the value to be the last value, and not 0. I can't get my head around how to get the previous date's value. I've tried getting the previous value with var previousTotal = date[i][1];, but I can't seem to get the right part of the array no matter what I try.

Can anyone help please?

function fillInGapsAdding(data) {
      var startDay = data[0][0],
        newData = [data[0]];

        // Loop through all items in array
      for (i = 1; i < data.length; i++) {
        var diff = dateDiff(data[i - 1][0], data[i][0]);
        var startDate = new Date(data[i - 1][0]);
        if (diff > 1) 
          for (j = 0; j < diff - 1; j++) 
            var fillDate = new Date(startDate).setDate(startDate.getDate() + (j + 1));
            var previousTotal = date[i][1];
              newData.push([fillDate, 0]);
      return newData;
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You can use var previousTotal = date[i][j - 1]; –  Lloyd Banks Jul 16 at 20:47
Sorry didn't work, put it pointed me in the right direction to figure it out :) –  Adam Jul 16 at 21:06

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After a bit more work, I figured it out.... var previousTotal = data[i][1];

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