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I'm trying to simulate a user click on an element within a frame tag using and am having no success.

I've tried chaining the click() call like so,

S('#main').contents().find('#Planning').visible('Planning tab visible').click();

as well as attepting to click via callback,

        S('#main').contents().find('#Planning').visible('Planning tab visible', function() {

and neither have worked, in both cases the desired element, #Planning, is visible but neither actually preform the click. The first method, being chaining the call to click(), shows in console that FuncUnit is at least attempting to click

steal.js INFO: Clicking #Planning

where as attempting to click via callback does not seem to even attempt to click. Considering the element is visible I don't think the issue is that the frame is not yet loaded by the time the click is attempted.

Can anyone identify the issue and/or suggest a work around?

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