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I'm new to IIS. I'm trying to recreate our sites that our currently hosted on our 2k3 II6 box on my new 2012 IIS 8 box. I created the sites and everything, checked the application pools, reconfigured internal dns for this site in particular, and whenever I try to connect to it, I get "HTTP Error 500.19 - Internal Server Error". Now after doing some research I have found that the error lies within the web.config file, or at least thats what google is telling me based on that error code 0x8007007e. I've checked the handler mapping permissions already, and its set to read/write. Whats confusing is that this web.config file works fine on my II6 box, but it doesn't seem to work on the new one. No clue why.

My web.config file exceeds the character limit, and formats incorrectly in about 4 different code boxes. This is my first post on stack. Not sure how to fix that?

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