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I need to run a few commands whenever I start my Rails console, like setting up the logger, or to set the time to my time zone.

Right now I'm copying and pasting these commands after Rails is started. Can I write a script to make these commands run automatically after IRB is started?

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Rails' console is IRB. IRB supports an .irbrc file, which contains initialization information and settings.

Read "What's Your Favourite IRB Trick?" and "My .irbrc for console/irb" for ideas.

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is there a similar thing for rails console ? I m sorry I framed the question incorrectly . –  Arunachalam Jul 16 at 22:50
Rails console is IRB. –  the Tin Man Jul 16 at 22:56
for e.g. when I do rails console .I get a IRB console then I use a command like Time.zone = A.info.time_zone .it sets the Time zone but I want this command to automatically load when I fore my rails c .I even tried rails c command . –  Arunachalam Jul 17 at 15:34
Then put that command in the ~/.irbrc file, or in /path/to/your/rails/app/.irbrc just like the documentation and examples show. –  the Tin Man Jul 17 at 16:19

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