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When sending the resume method on a NSURLSessionUploadTask using a background client, NSURLSessionConfiguration:backgroundSessionConfiguration:, the process never begins. I can not reproduce on simulator, only on the device, and only on 8.0.

This is not an issue regarding discretionary background tasks, resume is ran in the foreground and literally, nothing happens. No delegation callbacks, no progress, no crashes, no network activity, nothing.

I filed radar:://17703428

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I'm getting the same issue, but on iOS 7.1.2, and only with a backgroundSessionConfiguration. I'm uploading a file to S3. –  Isak Jul 29 '14 at 23:02

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I had this same problem on an iPad with iOS 7.1.2. Then I restarted the device, and it started working. It seems it is possible for whatever process Apple is using to handle these uploads to get messed up.

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