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I've been trying to use matplotlib in pgf mode on OS X 10.9, however I ran into an issue where xelatex was not found when called by the library (I have a full texlive install in the PATH).

I did some digging:

from subprocess import call
call("source .bash_profile", shell=True) #I tried this as a python console startup script to see if I could get it to update the PATH.
print("Current bin path:")
call("echo $PATH", shell=True)


Current bin path:

whereas 'echo $PATH' in a terminal gives


How can I get python to see xelatex as it should. Matplotlib says that xelatex needs to be available on the PATH - according to 'which xelatex' it is.

As a temporary solution i have

ln -s /usr/texbin/xelatex /usr/bin/xelatex

and this gives a temporary solution, but is far from solid long term if I need other binaries get called.

Many thanks for any ideas.

EDIT: Jan's comment made me remember the difference between the systemwide PATH and the PATH set by the profile. I edited /etc/paths to include /usr/texbin and that didn't help either.

If it was my program I would call xelatex by its absolute location, but I'd rather not mess around with marplotlib's src unless I have to. For now I will continue to use symbolic links, but if anyone has a more elegant solution please post here.

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See update in EDIT. – Goobley Jul 17 '14 at 7:20

Find xelatex abs path and call that

Instead of manipulating PATH (and you probably have it changed only untill the .bash_profile script terminates, but this I am not sure about), I would recommend to call xelatex explicitly by full abs path.

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