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I have recently setup a new server with WHM / cPanel. It had a hostname set when going through the installation. However, now that it's done I want to changed it to a different hostname.

The issue I have had is that I tried to do the by using the 'Change Hostname' feature in WHM. This appeared to work fine until I realised it didn't create a new DNS zone for the new hostname. After this I changed it back to the original hostname and tried to add the new hostname as a new DNS Zone Entry. But when I try and add in this new entry it says Sorry, a DNS entry for x.xx.xx already exists but it doesn't show when looking at the list to edit or delete a DNS entry.

I am really stuck with this as we need to have it with this specific hostname. I have checked in the folders to see if it exists and there is no files within /var/named or anything within /etc/named/named.conf

I think what has happened is that the changing hostname has done half a job and part of the DNS entry has been created, but I just can't find where on the server to completely remove it.

Can anyone help or advise where to look to remove the DNS entry or what can be done to fix this?

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