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I create a <select> menu using Javascript then attach it to the page. But when I click on it, it closes immediately.

Here's my code, I'm stumpped.

var accounts = [
    ['user1', 'password'],
    ['user2', 'passowrd']

function html(){
    var button = '<a href="#" id="switchacc">Switch User</a>&nbsp;• &nbsp;';

        $(this).html('<select id="accounts">'+ accountss +'</select>');
        return false;

    var accountss = '';
    for(i = 0; i <= accounts.length; i++){
        accountss = accountss + '<option name="' + accounts[i][0] + '" value="' + i + '">' + accounts[i][0] + '</option>';
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Why are you embedding your select in that a link? See this fiddle for an example. You cannot embed a list in a link.

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Doh, missed that! –  Ben Shelock Mar 19 '10 at 18:04

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