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I'm trying to get my head around how to best organize my companies code set in visual studio 2013 TFS-git. We have multiple database projects and multiple web application projects. I like the idea of being able to develop a web app and the db at the same time in a particular solution but its not a one to one scenario. Multiple web apps talk to the same databases.

I know you can break things up into solutions and projects but not seeing too much out there in best practices in this area.

Any guidance? Thanks for your help.

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Did you see Microsoft patterns and practices Team Development with Visual Studio Team Foundation Server? –  Jacob Seleznev Jul 17 at 4:41
Is this still relevant? It seems like it was posted in 2007 and last changed in 2009. Looking for something more current. –  Shaunt Jul 17 at 16:10

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I think this will help you what you are trying to do Git init VS full Git support into all their ALM products. Here they have published for Visual Studio that adds Git source control integration. Git Extension includes add-ins for Older Visual Studio versions and Windows Explorer integration. It's regularly updated. And alternatively you can look for Git Source Control Provider

And you may also a read about TFS-GIT here

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I'm not concerned about the TFS / GIT stuff... this is more related to grouping of projects within solutions where you would have the same project in multiple solutions. –  Shaunt Jul 17 at 16:12

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