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I want with ant access a subversion-repository and get a list of files available under a specific svn-url like https://svn.myhost.de/repository/path/into/repo. I want to list all items, subdirectories or files, in some form I can work with later in the ant-file. A comma-separated list is fine, it can be input for the foreach-task of ant-contrib.

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The Subclipse Project of Subversion provides svnant

svnant includes svnFileSet, an ant type that works just like a fileset.

You need to download the appropriate version for the Subversion release you're using, and follow the instructions in the documentation for including the svnant tasks, types, selectors and conditions in your ant build file.

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svnant does not appear to support the list command. and svnfileset is for working copy.. not url –  ShoeLace May 24 '11 at 5:46

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