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Is there an IDE for PHP where you can set breakpoints and step into and render a webpage "stepwise"?

And whats the "best" IDE for working with php-code?

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Yes there is ; there are at least two of those :

Those can use the Xdebug extension to provide step by step debugging, breakpoints, ...

And they are probably the two "best" free IDE out there for PHP code -- at least, if you have a powerful computer.

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Really, can you set breakpoints in Netbeans and watch a web page being created step by step? With this addon that is? – Chris_45 Mar 19 '10 at 20:39

There are several. The kicker is you either have to run everything locally, or install a connector on the server you are developing on. Zend Studio and Komodo are two good ones. Also take a look at the Zend Debugger.

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PHPDesigner integrates breakpoints with XDebug. I've never tried the feature, but I know it has it.

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It's a text editor, not an IDE, but Notepad++ with the DBGP plugin works fine as a front-end to the Xdebug extension for step-by-step debugging of PHP code.

I'm not so sure about the "stepwise rendering" on client-side - it might just work if you flush the output to the browser every couple of lines, but I guess it depends a lot on the browser. You might have more luck with the Paint Events extension to Firebug.

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