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I was wondering if there is an existing math algorithm, that could help me get to the solution I need.

I have an input color:

  • (229, 67, 99).

    enter image description here

I have 10 predefined colors and I want to find the color that closely matches the input color.

So far I have 3 NSArrays (reds, blues, greens). In each array I have 10 values. I'm currently using binary search to round my input color's values to the closest values that exist in each array.

For now I've gotten: r = 230, g = 126, b = 34 but this together doesn't make a predefined color, instead it makes a new color that is not predefined.

So what I did is I found the 3 predefined colors that have one of those values (the color closest to the red value, the color closest to the green value, and the color closest to the blue value.

  • A. (230, 126, 34)

    enter image description here

  • B. (142, 68, 173)

    enter image description here

  • C. (39, 174, 96)

    enter image description here

The problem is that from my predefined colors, none of those 3 happen to be the closest. In fact overall its closes to another predefined color:

  • D. (231, 76, 60)

    enter image description here

The absolute difference from all these colors are

  • A. 1, 59, 65
  • B. 87, 1, 74
  • C. 190, 107, 2
  • D. 2, 9, 3

Total Difference: (A=125, B=162, C=299, D=14)

So my question is... is there an existing algorithm to arrive at the smallest total difference? What's the best way to approach it?

I know how to get to 14, but my question is how can I compare total differences between all predefined colors?

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stackoverflow.com/questions/1847092/…. This maybe help – Hoang Van Ha Jul 17 '14 at 8:50
This definitely answered my question. Thank you so much @HoangVanHa – KingPolygon Jul 17 '14 at 23:19

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