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I'm using Delphi / C++ Builder XE6 and I have some problems with certain components.

In C++ Builder only, the BaaS component TBackendUsers does not work the same as the component in Delphi when using

TBackendUsers.Users.DeleteUser(AObject: TBackendEntityValue).

When calling the C++ version an exception along the lines of invalidMetaData is thrown.

Does anyone have any ideas?

Another problem is that in both C++ and Delphi, when using either

TBackendUsers.Users.QueryUsers(Query: String Array; Result: TJSONArray)



with same query,both return all users in my app user table, instead of the ones I wish to return.

I have traced the code and nothing seems to change in the query, but the queries also work within the Kinvey backend console.

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It's difficult to explain why you're having problems when calling the C++ version, because you didn't include the code you're using in the C++ version. Also, we don't speculate here, so a vague question like "any ideas?" isn't suitable. We also can't explain why QueryUsers or Execute aren't working the way you like, because you didn't include any information that we can use to try and determine why. If you want help here, you need to provide the details, and be specific with both your problem description and your question. (Also, the general rule here is one question per post.) –  Ken White Jul 19 at 22:20

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