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I want to set cursor position for input on android browser. I am using the following code:

function setCaretPosition(ctrl, pos)

    else if (ctrl.createTextRange) {
        var range = ctrl.createTextRange();
        range.moveEnd('character', pos);
        range.moveStart('character', pos);

however "ctrl.setSelectionRange(pos,pos);" does not seem to work on android browser. It's working on desktop. anyone knows how to set cursor position for input on android browser?

Actually the reason why I want to set cursor position is that I want to disable some character when user input. I am using replace() with regular expression binding on oninput event. the problem is after replacing the cursor goes to the end of the text in the input. I want to keep the cursor at the same position when user input(user may move the cursor in the middle of the text and input some character which I don't want them to input).

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use keypress event, you can restrict text input before it was actually added, instead of removing in After. http://jsfiddle.net/xwuxR/

 function acceptText(){       
   if(event.charCode < 48 || event.charCode>57)

sample shows input available for numbers only

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