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Hello I have got question I'm making project in which I got database world in which I have column Lake where I have Id, Name, Size, Location

I have made controllers which get from this column only all Id, all Names, all Size, all Locations now I want to make something like this I want build all table with only Names and Size and then I need to build table with Ids and Locations only from date stored in column Lakes and I don't know how to do this:

public static Result GetAllNames() {

    List<Lake> Names = Lake.find.where().orderBy("name asc").findList();
    Vector<String> Name = new Vector<>();
    for(Lake a: FallBackUrl)

    return ok(Json.toJson(Name));
public static Result GetAllLocation() {

    List<Lake> Location = Lake.find.where().orderBy("location asc").findList();
    Vector<String> allLocation = new Vector<>();
    for(Lake a: Location)

    return ok(Json.toJson(allLocation));
public static Result GetAllsize() {

    List<Lake> Sizes = Lake.find.where().orderBy("size asc").findList();
    Vector<String> Size = new Vector<>();
    for(Lake a: Sizes)

    return ok(Json.toJson(Size));

When I do Result BuildTable and make here String All(getName() + getSize()) then make add.All It wont build it correctly in alphabetic order and will build everything. I'm just novice at this I was reading ebean documentaction but i didn't find anything usefull to help me with this problem.

Thank everybody for help.

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