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How to convert the below code to float or decimal type?

SELECT DATEDIFF(ss, StartTime, GETDATE()) + '.' + 
       DATEDIFF(ms, StartTime, GETDATE())
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This is what I needed. CONVERT(float, DATEDIFF(ms, StartTime, GETDATE()) / 1000.0)

The code i my question was completely wrong because DATEDIFF(ms, StartTime, GETDATE()) returns total number of milisecond between the two dates and not as i thought only difference in the milliseconds part.

The code im my question would work if I used the DATEPART instead DATEDIFF in both expressions:

DATEPART(ss, GETDATE()) - DATEPART(ss, @StartTime) + '.' 
+  DATEPART(ms, GETDATE())  - DATEPART(ms, @StartTime)
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