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I have a table called log_file this table has 50 lakhs records I want to bind in gridview to display it to the user. Below is my sample query, I need to know whether my query will improve the speed or not from ordinary query.

--SP Parameters
DECLARE @rowpage INT
SET @page=1
SET @rowpage=100

SET @sql=';WITH tblog(ID,Project_Name,Log_In_Time,Log_Out_Time) AS
(SELECT ROW_NUMBER() OVER(ORDER BY sno ASC),project_name,log_in_time,log_out_time FROM log_file)
SELECT TOP '+CAST(@rowpage AS VARCHAR) +' * FROM tblog WHERE ID>'+CAST(((@page-1)*@rowpage) AS VARCHAR)

When I put the ordinary query (SELECT TOP 100 * FROM log_file ORDER BY sno ASC) I got a result is 2.223 seconds but the below query gives 2.423 seconds, as per article the CTE will give the performance but for my scenario it takes more time to give the result Is there any mistake I did or there any other ways to achieve this.

Thanks In advance


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