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I am using Microsoft Azure and I am trying to find out all the entity(s) that I have in my table. Unfortunately, I do not know the specifics of these entity(s). I've read through http://azure.microsoft.com/en-us/documentation/articles/storage-dotnet-how-to-use-tables/ and it appears most of the entity's they know the specifics of them. For example, they know that it will be a person.

Is there a way to go through all the entity's of my table without knowing the specifics of them?

The reason I am wanting to do this is because I eventually want to find out how much memory my tables are using and I assume I will first need to go through each entity to find how much memory is used for it. Here's the code I have so far:

static double CalculateTableMemoryUsage()
            double memory = 0;
                var storageAccount = Microsoft.WindowsAzure.Storage.CloudStorageAccount.Parse("UseDevelopmentStorage=true");
                CloudTableClient tableClient = storageAccount.CreateCloudTableClient();

                CloudTable table = tableClient.GetTableReference("mytable");
                //I've successfully created the table. Any idea how I can look 
                // through the entity(s) of that table though?

            catch (Exception ex)

            return memory;
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Is there a way to go through all the entity's of my table without knowing the specifics of them?

Yes. Storage client library has something called DynamicTableEntity so you can fetch entities as DynamicTableEntity from table. As they name suggests, you don't really need to know the schema in case of a dynamic table entity. Here's a sample code to do so:

    static void ListAllEntities()
        var storageAccount = new CloudStorageAccount(new StorageCredentials(StorageAccount, StorageAccountKey), true);
        var tableClient = storageAccount.CreateCloudTableClient();
        var table = tableClient.GetTableReference("mytable");
        List<DynamicTableEntity> entities = new List<DynamicTableEntity>();
        TableContinuationToken token = null;
            var result = table.ExecuteQuerySegmented(new TableQuery(), token);
            token = result.ContinuationToken;
        } while (token != null);
        Console.WriteLine("Total Entities Fetched: " + entities.Count);

For calculating the size of an entity, you may find this blog post useful: http://blogs.msdn.com/b/avkashchauhan/archive/2011/11/30/how-the-size-of-an-entity-is-caclulated-in-windows-azure-table-storage.aspx

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