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Just getting started with neo4j. I have a basic modelling question.

Suppose I was modelling road routes between towns A, B & C. Since relations in neo4j are directed, how should I model the fact that A is connected to B and B is also connected to A? Do I need two outgoing relations on each pair of town nodes?


Reason I ask is, if I used just one relationship from (A)->(B), the how would I find the path from (B) to (A) using a query like

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This blog post might be helpful

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Have to give it to you. This clears the fog totally. – Code Poet Jul 20 '14 at 18:40

Let cypher be your schema. If you want to look at your graph as an undirected graph, just omit direction in your queries


There are many cases like this where you can take a certain view on your graph with cypher. ("How many cycles are there?", "Is my graph dense?" and "How do I count connected components?" could all mean different things depending on what relationship types you are currently considering and declaring in your queries.)

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