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As the title says, I'm trying to add a custom column to thunderbirds list of emails. The information shown in that column is derived from data, taken from custom mail headers ("X-foo", "X-foo-state" - where "X-foo" might be set several times)

Basically I know how the column handler works (from this tutorial).

Now I see a couple of possibilities to access the custom headers or the according data I need to show:

  1. add the custom headers to customDBHeaders in preferences to have them accessible through msgDBHdr.getProperty(). The problem here is, that I need to reload the header database for all existing emails, and I don't know how to do it. Furhter, the getProperty("x-foo") returns only one header, not all headers if multiple headers are set (I could cope with that, in this case, but why the hell is that so?!)
  2. build a database that contains the necessary information, so that the column handler can check the database efficiently. The problem is, I tried to keep this simple. A dedicated database to copy information that is in the headers anyway seems ridiculous to me. That database needs to be updated, etc. So it is not really an option.
  3. use MimeMessages - these work like a charm for custom headers, but the function call is asynchronously, so I can't use it for the column handler, so no option too. Further, mimemessage does not work with opened msg-files (whereas msgDBheader should work AFAIK).

I'd like to know if my thoughts are right or if anyone can see another possibility. In case there is no other chance than #1, please tell me how to rebuild the database containing the message headers (ideally from within the extension once it is installed.)

I would also be happy, if someone could give me a hint how to add that same piece of information to the printout of an email.

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to 1.: Rebuilding the database is obviously done by "repairing" the msf in folder properties. –  Peter Jul 22 '14 at 10:14

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