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I am working on a e-commerce platform with Spree Commerce (RoR), each time I run

bundle install

command (after add a new gem), Spree change all my website (app)!! I don't know why but Spree replace all my view, models and controllers files, ... it make me start all over again...

At first, I used to replace them with my backups, so far, I made so many modifications that I forget what files I've modified.

How can I disable the functionality to replace all my files? Or any advise to work with it (install gems and stuff)

Thanks in advance

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To solve that, I've executed my app in a production mode, so after install a new gem and then "bundle install", all my views and controllers have not changed. :) –  Ivan Carrasco Quiroz Jul 22 at 1:00

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Do you use a DVCS as git? If not you should.

After bundle install which command do you are using?

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I have only add the gems into Gemfile, then "bundle install", after that I used to reload the explorer... "Do you use a DVCS as git? If not you should." <------ I don't know what it is, I wil look for info about that. –  Ivan Carrasco Quiroz Jul 29 at 22:10

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