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Could some one please help me to mention First working day date and Last working Day Date of last month in Crystal Repoerts (8.5),

I need to use last month's first and last business day date for monthly report generation on first working day of the month.

In record selection I would like to give condition on value date, so that records will be only from earlier month.

For example if today is 1st jul 2014 (01-07-2014) then i shall get formula in record selection on Value date (say field is Value_Date) as,

first day of earlier month: 02-06-2014
last day of earlier month:  30-06-2014
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Assuming Value_Date is a Date Field try belwo formula in Record Selection.

Value_Date>=DateSerial(Year(currentdate),Month(currentdate)-1,1) and
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Thanks for the prompt response. Looks fine. i have one query over here, for example if it is 1st jan 2015 (01-01-2015), then will formula still give me first day of previous month as 01-12-2014 or it will show 01-12-2015 (because year number is still taking from current date). –  Thunder-Bolt Jul 18 at 8:51
Its a tested solution.. you won't get any issue.. it works as expected –  Siva Jul 18 at 9:24
Thank you for your help, i will use these formulas in my reports. –  Thunder-Bolt Jul 18 at 13:37

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