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im currently working on this site:


Unfortunately i still have a problem with the slideshow: most browsers seem ok by now ( sometimes still a little flicker at the end but it shows up )

my HTML setup is like this





on document.ready a function is called that runs this block of code for every image after it has been fully loaded (basically getting the width of every image and adding it to the container width)

function show_image(image){

          var $item = $(image.img);
          img_width = Math.ceil(parseInt($item.width()));

          gallery_width += img_width;       

          if(images_loaded === false){

                        opacity: 1
                        }, 2000, function() {
                        // Animation complete.

and this block is runs on resize

          current_slide_item = $(this);
          current_slide_item_width = 0; 

             current_slide_item_width += $(this).width();    

          gallery_width += current_slide_item_width;       

   $(".gallery #content").width(gallery_width);

simple right

its workin so far but it seems to me that the scaling of the images result in some odd numbers wich sum up to a value that might be 1 or 2 px short resulting in the last container not beeing positioned properly (all containers and images are floated left) NOW where are these off numbers come from and how can i fix it ( i added 2px to the container width did help )


internet explorer 9 is doing something really special by being somewhat reactive to scrolling and the mouse position randomly showing or hiding images (even within the group) SOB

and i swear i have no hover or scroll functionality accociated with this in any way

so if anyone could have a look at it and hopefully help me this would be great

thanks in advance

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What version of Jquery are you using, there are some known "bugs" between IE and JQUery and some of the af version specifik –  Lars Nielsen Jul 17 at 20:49
//ajax.googleapis.com/ajax/libs/jquery/1.9.1/jquery.min.js –  hannes dolde Jul 17 at 21:09
hmm I can`t find any know bugs about this at least :( sry –  Lars Nielsen Jul 18 at 6:28
could have been a hint. ty did u check the page did u see the issue ? i will install IE 10 and 11 and see if they have problems with it as well but i think i should fix it for IE9 as well –  hannes dolde Jul 18 at 17:21
I did check the page but I do not have IE nor Windows on any of my systems –  Lars Nielsen Jul 19 at 6:18

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Don't ceilit.

img_width = parseInt($item.width());

Also: you should update jQuery to 1.11.1 There have been bugs in the versions before.

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