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I am working on a hybrid mobile app and part of the requirement is to allow app to store data offline in SQLLite and sync it later with SQL Azure thru SQL Moblile services.. for this I hav looked into MS Sync Framework, JayData and now looking at BreezeJs

For MS Sync framework I have realized that there is substaintial amount of work required on changing the schema and its pretty outdated. With JayData the problem is that it accepts oData but the standard AMS endpoints are JSON feeds...I someone can help me in a way to get that working that will be great..

Now going thru SO questions I have realized that a good number of people are using breezejs with AMS/ZUMO. I have also checked out the sample http://www.breezejs.com/samples/todo-zumo I would like to know if it is possible to download data from AMS store it locally in a SQLLite DB and later sync it back with AMD hosted SQL Azure tables using breezejs.

Appreciate all the help in advance.

PS: I am open to any other better alternate/suggestion.

Keep in mind the scenario is HTML/JS SPA Hybrid mobile app

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