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I have set up adaptive payments with Paypal and use Chained payments. My clients log onto my Drupal platform and create their own “store” and in doing so supply an email address and password. 80% of the time the payment will be split between myself and my client. I direct funds to my client by using their email address they supplied and confirming that it is attached to an active Paypal account. The other scenario (where I’m having an issue), is in situations where the client does not have an email address attached to Paypal. In that scenario I have the option in one of the modules to direct 100% of the payment to myself, and then I make the payment to my client the old fashioned way, by check. My issue is that the system I have is automated and if a client uses an email account that is not connected to Paypal, the transaction is rejected, even though my setting is to have 100% of the money flow to my Paypal account. Paypal seems to be forcing me to have 2 active email accounts. Is there a way to allow Paypal to recognize an email address as not having a Paypal account attached to it, yet still process the payment?

Another thing to note, the email address that a client signs up with gives them access to their own private “store” so that they can update their products, so I can’t just use one blanket email address as a secondary account as a work around.

Thanks, Joe

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