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i have a problem with pyside and pydev. when i press ctrl+space shortcut i can see the PySide package, but when i put the dot and press ctrl-space again the autocompletion dosen't works.

autocomplete not even shown

My imports:

from PySide import QtCore,QtGui
from PySide.QtCore import *
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You may not have imported the package correctly ensure that your imports are setup with correct as declaration if used. –  t3dodson Jul 18 '14 at 0:49
Does auto completion work with the built in data structures? If so this is a strong indication that something in your project setup isn't jiving with your ide regarding that particular api –  t3dodson Jul 18 '14 at 2:12
it looks like you are importing these modules into the global namespace. try removing the PySide. and just ctrl space without any object reference –  t3dodson Jul 18 '14 at 2:15
@TommyDDD it's only happening with PySide –  moscoquera Jul 18 '14 at 2:16
For a quick test trying using something like from PySide import QtCore as Core and then reference the object using Core. –  t3dodson Jul 18 '14 at 2:17

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Autocompletion only works if you directly imported the module. So for your imports, autocomplete would work after typing QtCore. or QtGui., but not for PySide.. If you want autocompletion for the latter, you need to add import PySide.

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