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How can i access values of aaa, xxx, yyy & zzz from into separate variables, as it does seems mix of maps/tuple.

{{: xxx, %{yyy: 'something', zzz: 'test'}, {aaa: 'best'}}}

Sorry guys for troubling you, i got that working as

iex(1)> {a, b, c} = {: xxx, %{yyy: 'something', zzz: 'test'}, {aaa: 'best'}}
{: xxx, %{yyy: 'something', zzz: 'test'}, {aaa: 'test'}}
iex(2)> a
iex(3)> b
%{yyy: 'something', zzz: 'test'}
iex(4)> b[:zzz]

thanks anyways to all.

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Where did :message come from in that code? –  Onorio Catenacci Jul 18 '14 at 12:49

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You can even pattern-match on map keys:

iex(1)> {a, %{zzz: b}, %{aaa: c}} = {:xxx, %{yyy: "something", zzz: "test"}, %{aaa: "best"}}
{:xxx, %{yyy: "something", zzz: "test"}, %{aaa: "best"}}
iex(2)> a
iex(3)> b
iex(4)> c

See http://elixir-lang.org/getting_started/7.html

Btw, in Elixir, single- and doublequotes have different meaning (charlist vs. binary). If you don't really need singlequotes (charlist), use doublequotes everywhere - binary is the default string format in Elixir (see http://elixir-lang.org/docs/stable/elixir/String.html )

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