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I am new to Linux and mysql. I downloaded and installed mysql for linux as directed here.

My OS is Linux Mint 17 and I installed Ubuntu 14.04 LTS version of mysql.

I executed:

sudo dpkg -i mysql-apt-config_0.1.5-1ubuntu14.04_all.deb

chose mysql-5.6 and then executed:

sudo apt-get update
sudo apt-get install mysql-server
sudo mysql_install_db

Now when I try to run mysql.server, it says:

mysql.server: command not found

But when I executed sudo service mysql start, it says:

* A MySQL Server is already started

Do I have to worry about mysql.server command not being found or should I just ignore it and move on?

This question is different from this one as it pertains to Windows OS.

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what do you mean by mysql.server command? I don't know any such command exists. are you referring to mysql command? looks like you have a correctly installed MySQL server, start using it. –  bansi Jul 18 at 4:47
@bansi, sorry about that. Realized my mistake. –  user2555595 Jul 18 at 5:02
@bansi, I checked and mysql.server is a server startup script, my bad. This is the page. Since my MySQL server is up and running, I won't worry about executing this script. Thanks –  user2555595 Jul 18 at 5:08
@bansi, should I add [Closed] to the question? –  user2555595 Jul 18 at 5:10
No need to close the question. This may be helpful to somebody having the same problem. –  bansi Jul 18 at 5:15

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To check if mysql is running use the following command:

sudo service mysql status
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I get the output as ` * MySQL Community Server 5.6.19 is running`. Thanks for the answer –  user2555595 Jul 18 at 5:02

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