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[win 32 C++]

I don't know how to convert float to LPCWSTR/LPWSTR or LPCWSTR <-> LPWSTR

Thanks a lot

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#include <sstream>
float f = 45.56;
wstringstream wss;
wss << f;
// wss.str().c_str() returns LPCWSTR
cout << wss.str() << endl;
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Or in C via "w" printf variants: I prefer this method though. – user2189331 Mar 20 '10 at 4:09

is there a wsprintf function available?

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Check out the official MSDN pages for floating point support here and for data conversion here - a bonus link - here's the MSDN page for string functions (including multibyte support).

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The native Win32 API doesn't have any functions for printing floating point values, but there's a more recent addition called strsafe which has StringCchPrintf

TCHAR buffer[24];
StringCchPrintf(buffer, sizeof(buffer)/sizeof(TCHAR), "%f", float_value);
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Thanks for your comment but it looks complicated and the simple above does same job :) – nXqd Mar 21 '10 at 14:42

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