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I integrated Google+ sharing in my app. It works find few days ago but from last 3-4 days, it stops sharing means it does not show any prefilltext or image,etc. just shows blank share.

My code is as follow:

<GPPShareBuilder> shareBuilder = [[GPPShare sharedInstance] shareDialog];
[shareBuilder setTitle:@"Share" description:@"sharing" thumbnailURL:[NSURL  URLWithString:@"http://25.media.tumblr.com/tumblr_m9p3n1vJmZ1rexr16o1_400.jpg"]];
[shareBuilder setContentDeepLinkID:@"rest=1234567"];
[shareBuilder open];

I don't know why this happen? Help me to solve this.

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Try this

 - (void)shareOnGooglePlus:(NSDictionary *)content
            GPPSignIn *signIn = [GPPSignIn sharedInstance];
            signIn.clientID = (NSString *) TempGoogleClientID;

            signIn.scopes = [NSArray arrayWithObjects: 
            signIn.shouldFetchGoogleUserEmail = TRUE;
            //[signIn authenticate];
            id<GPPShareBuilder> shareBuilder = [[GPPShare sharedInstance] shareDialog];

            [GPPShare sharedInstance].delegate = self;

            [shareBuilder setURLToShare:content[URLKey]];
            [shareBuilder setPrefillText:content[FeedTitleKey]];

        [shareBuilder open];
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Thanks for your reply!! Let me try. –  user2893370 Jul 18 at 6:57
error in line "signIn.scopes". –  user2893370 Jul 18 at 7:07
Give ur scopes there.those are constants.NSString *const GooglePlusScopeMe = @"googleapis.com/auth/plus.me"; ; NSString *const GooglePlusScopeProfile = @"googleapis.com/auth/userinfo.profile";; NSString *const GooglePlusScopeEmail = @"googleapis.com/auth/userinfo.email";; –  Suhail Jul 18 at 7:10
and kGTLAuthScopePlusLogin ?? –  user2893370 Jul 18 at 7:14
That from "GTLPlusConstants.h" file.Google plus constants –  Suhail Jul 18 at 7:15

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