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The CQ.tagging.TagInputField provided two configuration parameter which won't work in combination:

  • tagsBasePath
  • namespaces

Using the OOTB facebook tags as example, I want to restric the dialog to only display the Favorite Teams. The Structure is this:

Facebook Tags

So I set tagBasePath to /etc/tags/facebook and namespaces to [favorite_teams]. This does what it is supposed to do and only shows the two teams in the dialog. But when you click on it, a JavaScript exceptions is thrown. The problem lies in the following method defined in /libs/cq/tagging/widgets/source/CQ.tagging.js

CQ.tagging.parseTag = function(tag, isPath) {
    var tagInfo = {
        namespace: null,
        local: tag,
        getTagID: function() {
            return this.namespace + ":" + this.local;

    // parse tag pattern: namespace:local
    var colonPos = tag.indexOf(isPath ? '/' : ':');
    if (colonPos > 0) {
        // the first colon ":" delimits a namespace
        // don't forget to trim the strings (in case of title paths)
        tagInfo.namespace = tag.substring(0, colonPos).trim();
        tagInfo.local = tag.substring(colonPos + 1).trim();

    return tagInfo;

It does not respect the configurations set on the widget and returns a tagInfo where the namespace is null. I then overlayed the method in my authoring JavaScripts, but this is of course not working in the SiteAdmin as my custom JS are not included.

So, do I really have to overwrite the CQ.tagging.js below libs or can I somehow inject my overlay into the SiteAdmin so the PageProperties Dialog opened from there works as well?

UPDATE: I had a chat with Adobe support regarding this and it was pointed out that if you use tagsBasePath you need to place it somewhere else than below /etc/tags. But this won't work as well as the TagListServlet will return no tags as /etc/tags is also fixed in the TagManager as the tagsBasePath. I now overwrite the above mentioned js at its location, being well aware that I need to check it if we install a hotfix or an update. Is someone has a more elegant solution I'd be still thankful.

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I am also trying to overlay libs KeyPlugin.js /libs/cq/ui/rte/core/plugins/KeyPlugin.js , could you please let me know, if you have any idea on this. Thank you. – Sri Dec 10 '15 at 21:49
@Sri what exactly are you trying to achieve? Maybe it would be better if you just create a question for it and maybe I can give some pointers. The comments aren't the right place for this. – Thomas Dec 11 '15 at 10:30

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