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I have two multiple select2 boxes, Box1 options are populated dynamically,when i select any option from this select box, it should get added to the new Box2. This scenario is working as required. Problem i am facing is. When i remove any selected item from the Box1, i am able to remove it from Box2. But if that item is selected in Box2 it still remains.

Ex: A,B,C are selected values in Box 1, Box2 gets populated with A,B,C. If i select B,c in Box 2 and if i remove B from Box1. My Box2 items will now be AC. But B,C will still remain selected in Box2.

Can anyone help me in solving this tricky problem.

$("#Box1").on("change", function() {

    var box1List = $('#Box1').val();


    for (var key in box1List) {
        var valueField = box1List[key];
        var textField = $("#Box1 > option[value='"+valueField+"']").text();
        $("#Box2").append($('<option>', {value: valueField, text: textField}));

$("#Box1").on("select2-removed", function(e) {

    console.log("removed val=" + e.val + " choice=" + e.choice.text);

    $('#Box2 option[value="'+e.val+'"]').remove();

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Look at this link, try using built in callback events. runnable.com/UmuP-67-dQlIAAFU/events-in-select2-for-jquery –  Siva.G Jul 18 at 8:49
Thanks Siva.G i have already referred this link. But it dint help in solving my problem. –  Girish Mahindrakar Jul 18 at 8:54
can you please make some demo in fiddle with what you have tried so far –  Siva.G Jul 18 at 9:12

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