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[based on this question]

Based on previous question, I find below code is meet my requirement.

if (bannerStartDateTime >= workOrderCampaignStartDateTime 
        && bannerStartDateTime < workorderCampaignEndDateTime 
        && bannerEndDateTime > workOrderCampaignStartDateTime 
        && bannerEndDateTime <= workorderCampaignEndDateTime) { }
else {
    alert ("Banner Start/End Date must between Work Order Campaign Start/End Date.");

I tested it on Chrome and it's ok. But, when I tried to test it using Mozilla Firefox, why it's failed? I am using this example:

workOrderCampaignStartDateTime  = "2014-07-18 15:40";
workorderCampaignEndDateTime    = "2014-07-18 16:00";
bannerStartDateTime             = "2014-07-18 15:40";
bannerEndDateTime               = "2014-07-18 16:00";

It's work in Chrome but not in Mozilla Firefox.

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I have created an example for this, and I am getting "true" for the conditional in Safari 6 and the latest versions of Firefox and Chrome. What version of Firefox are you having an issue with? And do you see it on my example? –  Nicolas McCurdy Jul 18 '14 at 9:14

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I checked this code and it works in my Firefox browser.

Why don't you use javasript Date object, for example:

bannerEndDateTime= new Date(year, month, day, hours, minutes) 
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