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I'm trying to execute a SH script from my java GUI application. I'm using jsch to connect to the machine. I can execute commands like "ls" or "pwd". When I try to execute my SH I only get all output from it, if I execute it directly in the machine it take several time (that's what is expected) and works fine.

The script begins with


and the code that call it is:

String command=  "cd /opt/app/ordersync/scripts/RE-INJEC;sh ./proc_reinjec.sh"; // enter any command you need to execute  
         Channel channel=session.openChannel("exec");
         in = channel.getInputStream();

When I execute it

I get TERM environment variable not set

I can't figure it out what is the problem. I tried to the same in php with shell_exec and I the problem (result) was the same.

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What commands does your shell contains ? I suppose there's one that needs TERM environment variable ... Maybe you could try to set TERM to xterm or vt100 or dumb via ChannelExec.setEnv –  Serge Ballesta Jul 18 at 10:12
I'm trying to execute this command: rm *.csv in the script, after it I get the TERM error. –  Fabio Cardoso Jul 18 at 10:37
@FabioCardoso I would try something less dangerous ;) touch beacon Or more informative like pwd or ps if you you can see the output of your commands –  Sylvain Leroux Jul 18 at 10:41
@SylvainLeroux it's a isolated folder, no problem about that command, anyway is not that the problem. I tried nohup writing to a log and it seems work, what is weird. –  Fabio Cardoso Jul 18 at 21:28
Have you tried to execute your script by using ssh on the command line? Try to issue some commands remotely like ps, set or setenv, pwd in order to have a better understanding of the host environment when connected to the remote machine. Please show the result of those various commands in your question. Maybe they will contain some clue? You might have something unusual with you SSH configuration. Maybe... –  Sylvain Leroux Jul 18 at 21:51

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This is only a guess. So consider that mostly as a (long) comment. But you are assuming your "command" will in fact be parsed by an intermediate shell, that might even be responsible to set a proper environment. But, does ChannelExec really launch a shell? Or does it instead execute directly the command?

Anyway, try that:

String command=  "sh -l -c 'cd /opt/app/ordersync/scripts/RE-INJEC;sh ./proc_reinjec.sh'";
//                ^^^^^^^^^^                                                           ^
//                  explicit sub-shell       don't forget the closing quote >-->-->----/
//                  '-l' is for login shell: reads /etc/profile, ... at startup
//                                           I don't know if this is required here

But maybe in fact you are searching for ChannelShell instead?

From RFC 4254, section 6.5. Starting a Shell or a Command:

6.5. Starting a Shell or a Command

Once the session has been set up, a program is started at the remote end. The program can be a shell, an application program, or a subsystem with a host-independent name. Only one of these requests can succeed per channel.

  uint32    recipient channel
  string    "shell"
  boolean   want reply

This message will request that the user's default shell (typically defined in /etc/passwd in UNIX systems) be started at the other end.

  uint32    recipient channel
  string    **"exec"**
  boolean   want reply
  string    command

This message will request that the server start the execution of the given command. The 'command' string may contain a path. Normal precautions MUST be taken to prevent the execution of unauthorized commands.

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I tried both, didn't work it. –  Fabio Cardoso Jul 18 at 21:26

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