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How can I load forms to SBCL automatically after SBCL has loaded? I have a project that I'm constantly working on, and need to reproduce the loading steps every time.

I can't find .sbclrc file at the (SB-IMPL::USERINIT-PATHNAME) location (as mentioned here), and even if I create it, it just does nothing.

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sbcl.org/manual/#Initialization-Files If you did everything right and it does not work, you might want to ask on the SBCL mailing list for help and see if it is a bug. –  Rainer Joswig Jul 18 at 11:16
Does Running a Common Lisp function from a Terminal command prompt help? It includes discussion of the --load and --eval options, and I think that one of those two would work for you. –  Joshua Taylor Jul 18 at 20:07
@hajovonta why not putting the bootstrapping/initialization code to some file (e.g. setup-dev-env.lisp) and load it after SBCL starting. Comapring to .sbclrc approach (which btw works for me) it will cost you one "manual" file loading, but it's more flexible (e.g. you can have several setup files for various situations and/or projects). –  cybevnm Aug 4 at 16:04

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