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Tonight I am working on my music collection. I would like to resample a large selection of my MP3's to 192Kb/s for my Zune. I know the obvious way to do this is a recursive function using lame to encode MP3 at 192 - but lame doesn't maintain the ID3 tags!

Does anyone know of another option that will retain ID3 info?

Thank you all for your time / help!

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Use Audacity's Apply Chain function.

This function is similar to a "Macro" of commands which allows you to select a Chain (which is a sequence of commands created via Edit Chains) and apply it to either the current project, or to a specifically selected file or group of files.

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you can use id3 tagging tools like id3v2 to save those tags of your mp3 first. Just a demo to illustrate

for mp3 in *mp3
  id3v2 -l  "$mp3" | while IFS=":" read -r tag info
      case "$tag" in
          echo "year: $info"
          year="$info" #save year info
          echo "album: $info" #save album info
  lame <options> "$mp3" temp #temp is output file
  id3v2 -A "$album" -y "$year" temp
  mv temp "$mp3"
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