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When I started using DJGPP in DOS decades ago, I loved being able to use the info. When I program in Perl, I can just type perldoc -f map or perldoc List::Util to get documentation.

There are other examples of tools that have helped me avoid memorizing details, but those are two of my favorites.

Over the past few months, I have been slowly working on OCaml following the excellent Real World OCaml.

I am making good progress, but I am sorely missing the benefit of a tool that can quickly show me information on functions and libraries. For example, right now, if I want to know what's in Core.Std, I need to check out a web page. I know the documentation on that page is not stellar, but at least knowing what's where is very useful when I am trying to build my own examples, instead of just typing them from the book.

Is there a tool similar to perldoc for OCaml?

If not, how can I discover from the command line what's in a given library knowing just its name? How can I quickly get documentation on a built-in?

ocamldoc seems to generate documentation from embedded comments. How can I generate a document tree based on what's installed by opam and have it be found by standard *nix tools?

I am basically a little lost, and looking for a flashlight ;-)

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I think it should be possible to generate info documentation with ocamldoc. At least it can generate man pages (on debian man list gives the same content as the html api doc for the module List). –  didierc Jul 18 '14 at 16:23

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There is ocp-index, but I think it only provides the type. It is a command line tool and can also be integrated into Emacs and Vim. Here is an example

$ ocp-index print -F Core.Std List.fold Core.Std.List.fold val 'a t -> init:'accum -> f:('accum -> 'a -> 'accum) -> 'accum

A more comprehensive tool will require using the compiler's newer features, which will retain full documentation information within compiled files. There will also be a complete re-write of the opam-doc tool, which should generally help with doc related tools.

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Do you know if this has been done yet? –  dfeuer Feb 21 at 19:24
The work is progressing as reported just yesterday. –  Ashish Agarwal Feb 21 at 23:12

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