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I display a list of bars in a NgRepeat and I use the value frecuency to display the width of bars in percentage. From what i see IE 9-10 doesn't like this part: style="width:{{type.frecuency}}%;"

<div class="drp" ng-repeat="type in weeks">
    <div style="width:{{type.frecuency}}%;" class="percentBar">
        <span ng-if="type.frecuency > 14">{{type.frecuency}}%</span>

Is this an issue with Angular on IE or my code is the problem. Thanks

P.S. I know that i could make a class but modifying the style attribute is faster.

Solution: ng-style="setBarWidth(type.frecuency);"

     scope.setBarWidth = function(width) {
        return {width: width+'%'}; 
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Does it work with ng-style? –  ivarni Jul 18 at 12:29
+1 ivami, try with ng-style –  ThomasP1988 Jul 18 at 12:31
Thanks guys! i got it work with: ng-style="setBarWidth(type.frecuency);" –  Bogdan Volosincu Jul 18 at 12:38

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When using derived values for various HTML attributes, it's always a good idea to use the provided Angular directives to do it. They make sure that the browser sees the values you want it to see and not the binding syntax (in your case {{type.frecuency}})

Here, the ngStyle directive should be used.

<div class="drp" ng-repeat="type in weeks">
    <div ng-style="width:{{type.frecuency}}%;" class="percentBar">
        <span ng-if="type.frecuency > 14">{{type.frecuency}}%</span>

There are similar directives for many other HTML attributes, see the documentation for the full list.

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actually ng-style="width:{{type.frecuency}}%;" it won't work in any browser because angular will generate only ng-style="width:73.13%;" without the style attr –  Bogdan Volosincu Jul 18 at 13:26

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