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I have the follow issue in my code:

class A {
    smth1: [[(Int,Int)]] = [[(1,2),(2,3)],

    var inst = B(smth2: smth1 [1])

class B {
    init (smth2: [(Int,Int)]){

XCode generate error message: Could not find an overload for 'subscript' that accepts the suplied arguments

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Here is how you should do it:

class A {
    let smth1: [[(Int,Int)]] = [[(1,2),(2,3)],

    @lazy var inst: B = {
        return B(smth2:self.smth1[1])

You cannot use instance properties before initialization/instantiation. I.e. there is no self hence no way to access smth1 property, even if it is constant.

Alternatively you can declare smth1 as class variable and access without @lazy initialization:

class A {
    class var smth1: [[(Int,Int)]] {
        return [[(1,2),(2,3)],[(3,4),(4,5)]]

    var inst: B = B(smth2:smth1[1])
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