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I'm not sure how I can do this: When users click on an item listed in my navigation menu, for example, they clicked on 'Tutorial' and if they have not yet logged in to the site, I direct them to the login page first (login.cfm). After they successfully logged in, instead of re-direct them to the "Home" page (=index.cfm), I need to direct them to the "Tutorial" page (Tutorial.cfm) because they were trying to access this page in the beginning. I should not re-direct them to index and force them to click Tutorials again. This is the business rule that I have to follow.

So far this is what I did but unfortunately it did not work!: (I'm using ColdFusion 10, server is installed in Linux and DB is Oracle 11g, just so you know)

Using Tutorial.cfm as an example, on top of Tutorial.cfm I put together these codes:

       <CFIF NOT session.loggedin>
            <CFSET session.currentPage="Tutorial/index.cfm">                  
            <CFLOCATION url="/login/login.cfm">
         <!--- users can see a list of links to many many tutorials --->

In my Application.cfc's OnSessionStart, I set all of the session variables initial values.

        <CFSET session.started = "#TimeFormat(Now(), "hh:mm:ss")#">
        <CFSET session.loggedin = "False">
        <CFSET session.username = "">
        <CFSET session.userrights = "">

These session values get populated when user's credentials got successfully validated in the loginaction.cfm page:

     <CFSET session.loggedin = "True">
     <CFSET session.username = "#Trim(Form.username)#">
     <CFSET session.userrights = "LObj.UserRights('#Trim(Form.username)#')">
     <!--- Here is how I directing user to the page they selected in the beginning --->
     <CFIF isDefined("session.currentPage")>
       <cfif Len(Trim(session.currentPage)) NEQ 0>
         <cflocation url = "#session.currentPage#">
         <cflocation url = "/index.cfm">
         <cflocation url = "/index.cfm">

There must be some logic mistake that I have made but I just can't see it. May be I have not done it right with using OnSessionStart since it is the first time using CF10.

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Have u tried dumping the session scope to track down the problem? was currentPage really set to something after <!--- Here is how...? –  Henry Jul 19 at 1:42
Have you named your application in Application.CFC? –  CFML_Developer Jul 21 at 12:01

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