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I use jWindowCrop.js to crop an image. But there is an error after I write the code in angular directive. If I use Jquery, the code is like this:


<img class="crop_me" alt="" src="imageUrl" />    
<div id="results">
    <b>X</b>: <span id="crop_x"></span><br />
    <b>Y</b>: <span id="crop_y"></span><br />
    <b>W</b>: <span id="crop_w"></span><br />
    <b>H</b>: <span id="crop_h"></span><br />
<button type="button" class="btn btn-primary"  data-ng-click="upload_cropedimg()">


<script type="text/javascript">
    $(function() {

            targetWidth: 300,
            targetHeight: 300,
            loadingText: 'hello world',
            onChange: function(result) {

Angular directive:

.directive('crop', [function () {
    return {
        templateUrl: 'img-token/views/img-crop.html',
        link: function(scope, elements, attrs){
            console.log(elements[0].firstChild);//<img class="crop_me" alt src>
                targetWidth: 300,
                targetHeight: 300,
                loadingText: 'hello world'

The directive can render the html page but the error message is "undefined is not a function". I think the problem is in this code:


So I want to know what is the proper way the write the jquery code in angular directive? If I need to dynamically loaded HTML in AngularJS?

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elements[0].firstChild.jWindowCrop(..) does not refer to a jQuery object. Try this instead:


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